DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, cute ones, tall ones, short ones, funny ones!

We all have a “Mother” in our life who has been there for us; Good and bad times, exciting times and not so exciting times; Everyone has a mother aka mom in their life, who deserves to be lavished by her children with time, creating life memories and experiences.

Moms deserve a day of their own. A day of celebrating moms, who have one of the hardest toughest jobs in the world. From carrying a baby to delivering a baby and nurturing a baby into a grown adult. Being a mother never ends, the job is continuous, nonstop, no matter the age of her child (ren), moms never stop loving, worrying, and caring for their children.
Mother’s Day is a well-deserved day for moms.

A day designated for all mothers to enjoy their children, reflect on the years and allow a mother’s heart to reminisce about life. A mother’s heart sees her grown adult children, as young children. Nature has a way to keep a mother’s love unconditionally loving, a mother continues to love for eternity.

Thank You, Mom!

Pampering comes to mind when Mother’s Day is approaching. The idea of soothing heels, softening hands, and a fresh facial (can you say “ooooh”) sounds so calm and relaxing.

What about during “social distancing” aka Covid-19 protocols, can moms really enjoy their day?

Look no further!

Today’s, technology and a little creativity allow people to enjoy their mother safely and timely with Mother’s Day approaching.

Introducing a DIY Spa Day, anytime, any day!


  1. Put on your favorite relaxing music, light a candle.
  2. On a towel, place six simple items: salt & oil scrub, body butter, mineral-rich peeling gel, mud shampoo, mud conditioner, and face moisturizer.
  3. Wrap in a soft robe or towel; Pin hair away from the face.
  4. Place a hand mirror nearby the tub, to apply a face mask.
  5. Begin applying products one at a time, take your time, enjoy the relaxation.
  6. Fill the bathtub with warm water, drop in sea bath salts.
  7. Once products are applied, sit and enjoy your Spa bath.
  8. Remove facial products accordingly to directions and continue to soak.
With the Spa collection offered by Organic Sun Secret (OSS), moms all around will experience a high-end Spa Day in their bathroom.

To begin with, drop Dead Sea Bath Salts in the warm tub water. Next, apply MINERAL RICH PEELING GEL to the face, it cleans and exfoliates the top dead layer of skin of the face. The peeling gel gives lavish smooth facial skin. Finish your facial with REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer leaving a smooth refreshed feeling.

Now, mom is ready to have fun exfoliating from the neck down to the toes, with Salt & Oil Scrub. The mineral oils and salt of the Dead Sea, exfoliate the top dead layer of skin,

Finishing a warm lathering soak in the Dead Sea Bath Salts, the whole body will feel smooth and silky. Then add the most innovated and MIneral-Rich Hydrating Mud Shampoo and Conditioner for all types of hair, virgin or color-treated too. The hair will feel soft, and have a beautiful shine!

To finish a relaxing Mother’s Day Spa Day, towel dry, apply Body Butter over the whole body, and use a moisturizing face cream, like our Intensive Moisturizer Face Cream. for a fresh rejuvenated facial experience.

During these times of social distancing, people are improvising during the holidays. How amazing to order products safely online, anyone who wants to pamper their mom this Mother’s Day can have these minerals from the Dead Sea products shipped to their mother’s front door, not just for Mother’s Day, but for any time that mom wants to relax and enjoy a serene soak and pampering experience.

Your mother will feel refreshed

Glowing safely at home, enjoying her special day, mom will be looking forward to phone and video calls to celebrate with her babies, aka grown children! This Mother’s Day, enjoy the Special Person in your life you call Mother, Mom, Mama, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

To order your Mother a beautiful collection of the highest quality of Minerals from the Dead Skincare products, go to

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