“Mud, Dead Sea Mud”

As kids we loved playing in the mud!

Ladies and Gents, let’s play in the mud! Mineral- Rich Mud soap by Seacret is an exceptional bar of soap with 21 minerals, 12 of 21 minerals are exclusive to the Dead Sea in Israel.

Thousands flock to the Dead Sea for skin treament by smoothing on the mud and floating in the dense salt water.

The Dead Sea has been around for over 5,000 YEARS! Long before all of us reading this blog, many years ago, the Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra, was known as the Queen of Beauty. She would travel with her entourage for months from Ancient Egypt to the Dead Sea in Israel seeking treatment for her skin, the queen created her own spa experience at the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea salt contains many minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. These minerals come with a vast of treatments for a person’s skin. Much comfort comes from the salt and mud of the Dead Sea, the best way to know is if these products will give you the same outcome is to click on the link below to order yours for yourself.



MIneral Rich MUD SOAP

Many find relief with the mineral-rich mud soap. From very dry skin conditions to blemishes, hundreds of customers are finding good treatment with daily use of the MIneral-Rich Mud soap by Seacret.

It’s a good feeling to know of a product that is all natural and can give amazing results.

In the photo to the right, you see the redness on the back of a person, documented with photos, after twelves days of daily use, the skin redness is minimized and the skin’s appearance has improved.

Mineral Massage Soap

Looking for a massaging bar, Mineral Massage Soap with gently pressure massage bumps allows for deep cleaning, healthy glow, and hydrating the skin. REFRESH!

To Order Click below:



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