Promise to keep this brief. All the details to help you understand in simple form who is Organic Sun Secret.

So who is Organic Sun Secret? It’s me! I live organically, enjoy the getaways, and have “fun in the sun”. It’s my secret to share with you!

Theresa Palma
Theresa Palma

Enthusiastic Mother, Wife, Friend, and Entrepreneur from Arizona, showing the way to a more holistic lifestyle.

in 2021, I was asked to join a phenomenal company. This company was already in the billions in sales before I showed up. It was an instant decision to join a family-based company with plant-based, clean, safe, and 100% organic products. A company that will help me feel good, emotionally and physically. Changing my outer appearance to healthier, and giving me the tools to learn about myself.

Here’s how I started, I became a product of the product, which gave me a good rest and helped with bad cravings and habits. I mentally and physically wake up refreshed, accomplishing my day’s activities. Today, I give myself experiences, I can enjoy with my family and friends all around the world!

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